Alma Café + Hotel

ALMAanimationfnoqi cp-05.png

A little animated invitation for the soft opening of the Alma Café + Hotel

in Minneapolis, USA.

instead of destroying it or expanding somewhere else

Alex Roberts (the chef and owner) expanded his dream in the building

of his very first restaurant

Talin and I imagined a concept where a regular customer from Alma Restaurant would ask for a special drink that night, partly in reference to the restaurant's recognition for giving such intimate and personal experiences to its guests.

The answer? "Triple Alma".

A play on triple sec, and a hint to Alma expanding into three.

Alma Restaurant + x + y = 3

x = Café

y = Hotel


The two ingredients are put into the shaker with the original Alma.. and there it is... combining all into one amplified environment.

Expanding the life that Alma has brought for the last 19 years

from morning

til night