two months at the


repository + research institute + museum

of ancient manuscripts

Yerevan, Armenia

december 2016 - january 2017


mornings involve reading and studying works in the museum before spending afternoons under Emma's wing, a restauratrice at the Matenadaran for the last 37 years. I tell her about my Armenian grandma and her never-ending curiosity and knowledge and she says:

"i have an idea, how about you start keeping a record with your camera of your time in the restauration department and when you return home you can show her? I will bring you to every section and you can film and take pictures. It can be our present to her."

She lets me assist her on her newest mission: restoring a 16th century Armenian manuscript that has been infected with various mushrooms.






Pablo Neruda in the MUSEUM guest book

22 May 1957

"the old sacred books of wisdom and poetry continue to live here

like dried roses full of still invisible seeds.

With deep feeling and respect I fix my signature in this book."





we cleaned through nine chapters that afternoon, emma could not believe it.